1. Railway Song

From the recording Rain

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Railway Song

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Railway Song

I been standing in this station
I been checking every train
I been waiting on this platform
I been walkin’ in this rain
I been wonderin’ why you left here
I been wonderin’ where you’re gone
I been askin’ everyone I see
If they might know the train that you got on

I never heard it in your talking
I never saw it in your eyes
Never felt it in your hands when we went walkin’
I couldn’t see through your disguise
Now I hear your voice a callin’
It’s only me and all my dreams
When I open up my eyes all I see are
Metal seats and magazines

And it the tracks can take you to a better place than me and you
Isn’t that the way a story goes
And if I know go on without the only one I care about, well
Heaven pays what heaven owes

So I will stay here in this station
Checking each and every passing train
And I will walk my length of platform
Hopin’ I might see you, hopin’ I might see you again

© Music and words by Al Halliday